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Artist Guidelines

Image Source is one of the UK’s leading Art Licensing Agencies, representing over 85 talented and versatile artists and supplying top quality art and illustration for use on commercial products, eg. Greeting Cards, Gifts, Stationery, Housewares, Prints, etc…

We are always looking to represent new artists and would be pleased to receive samples of your work for consideration of representation. Please send us a selection of designs that show your full range of artistic styles and techniques. Its best to send what best reflects who you are as an artist. Please bear in the mind the quality of artwork we represent, but don't assume that we would only be interested in similar styles to those showcased, as we are always looking for something innovative, fresh and different.

You can send images by email (preferred option) or by post and we are happy to receive samples in whatever form is easiest for you, i.e. digital, prints, photographs or colour photocopies.

Where requested, all samples or originals will be returned to you once we have finished reviewing the suitability of your work. Please include a SAE or pre paid packaging suitable to return your artwork to you.

You should contact our Creative Manager, Emma Gray, by email (or post) both of which can be found on our ‘contact us’ page. If your artwork has potential for licensing, Emma will contact you to discuss the first steps and also be happy to visit you in person to outline how we work and discuss your future portfolio in more detail.

What we will do for you...

If we agree to work together, we can offer the following benefits:-

  • We will create opportunities for your work to be licensed to our worldwide customer base, for use in the greeting card, stationery, print and gift industries, etc.
  • We will compile a professional digital portfolio of your designs, which will be shown on our website.
  • Your work will be promoted through various means, eg. Exhibitions, Website, Mailshots, Advertising, Customer presentations, etc.
  • We will negotiate the best possible fees, chase payment and send you regular sales statements.
  • We can offer art direction and guidance, where needed, and provide ongoing advice, reference and support as to current and future trends/colouring etc.

Points you should bear in mind...

  • You will rarely have direct contact with customers, as we will take care of that for you.
  • We will require a percentage commission on each sale.

A successful Image Source artist will not only be talented, but also flexible, responsive to market trends and able to work to detailed briefs, and above all – creativity in abundance!

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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